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Are you a student thinking of a future career in transportation?

High school interns work together on a team building project
Kearey Smith

MTC each year supports a limited number of paid internships for high school and college students.

MTC typically solicits applications for both high school and college internships each spring.

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MTC's annual internship program wrapped up as the summer drew to a close. More than 400 high school students applied to be in the program. The cream of the crop, about three dozen students, were chosen, and put to work in their home counties with transportation agencies. They earned a modest stipend, they learned, and they had fun.

Samantha Sipin, college student and part-time employee at STA, 2014

Samantha Sipin, college student and part-time employee at STA, 2014

Samantha Sipin, about to begin her junior year at UC Davis, parlayed her experience in MTC’s high school internship program into a couple of plum part-time jobs as she works her way through college.

“I’m kind of a success story of MTC’s program,” Samantha said in a recent conversation. “I’ve really embraced all of the aspects of what I learned (as an intern).”

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The Metropolitan Transportation Commission is an equal opportunity, non-discriminatory employer.

MTC provides all employees and applicants with an equal opportunity in every aspect of the employment experience regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, physical handicap, medical condition or marital status.

This policy is implemented through an ongoing affirmative action program to ensure maximum opportunity to participate in MTC’s work.


Interns work together to problem solve.
2016 Summer Internships
The application deadline closed on Sunday, April 10, 2016. We are no longer accepting additional applications at this time.