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Transit Guide

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Getting There on Transit:
San Francisco Bay Area Route Maps and
Popular Destinations


Here’s everything you need to navigate the nine-county Bay Area by bus, train, trolley, cable car and ferry:

  • Detailed maps of three dozen transit systems
  • Directions to more than 250 popular destinations
  • Contact information for bus, rail and ferry operators
  • Directory of paratransit services for riders with disabilities and elderly passengers
  • Information on transit planning resources
  • List of 150 free Park and Ride lots, shown on county maps and on an overview map

Whether you’re a newcomer to the region, a tourist, or a weekend explorer, you’ll find everything here that you need to navigate the nine counties by bus, train, trolley, cable car and ferry. The guide covers the entire 7,000 square mile Bay Area, from Cloverdale to Gilroy.

To order a FREE printed copy, contact the MTC-ABAG Library: