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Pothole Report

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Pothole Report

The condition of pavement on the Bay Area’s local streets and roads is fair at best. The typical stretch of asphalt shows serious wear and will likely require rehabilitation soon. At 66 out of a possible 100 points, the region’s average pavement condition index (PCI) score is now far closer to the 60-point threshold at which deterioration accelerates rapidly and the need for major rehabilitation becomes much more likely than to the 75-point score that MTC established as a target for roadway quality in its long-range Transportation 2035 Plan adopted in 2009. Indeed, despite efforts by the Commission and the region’s local governments, overall conditions on our 42,500 lane-miles of city streets and county roads essentially are the same as they were in 2001, a decade ago.

The report can be viewed here in PDF format. Printed copies of the report may be ordered from the MTC Library: 510.817.5836, or (supplies are limited).

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