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Planning Innovations

Planning Innovations is a new series of regional forums that focus on the planning and implementation of Bay Area’s Priority Development Areas (PDA) and Priority Conservation Areas (PCA).

Pedestrians walking on the sidewalk, cyclists and cars in the roadway, and elevated BART cars above in this rendering.

PDAs and PCAs serve as the framework behind Plan Bay Area, the region’s long-range transportation plan and sustainable communities strategy.  The forums will focus on engaging topics relevant to local jurisdictions and other stakeholders with an interest in advancing transit-accessible development to accomodate future growth in the region. 

Potential topics include but are not limited to:

  • Financing strategies for infill development and infrastructure;
  • Planning for and implementing Complete Streets;
  • Implementing placemaking strategies for a walkable, active environment;
  • Developing pro-active community engagement plans;
  • Collaboration – working toward a common goal;
  • Identifying tools to build healthy communities;
  • CEQA and Transit-Oriented Development – exploring successful streamlining practices outlined in recent legislation;
  • Making affordable housing a reality.

Forums will be held three to four times per year in locations throughout the region.  Most forums will offer up to 2.0 CM credits.

To sign up for the Planning Innovations email distribution list, please email Therese Trivedi,

Forum #4: Moving from LOS to VMT: Making SB743 an Asset to Your Community 
Thursday, June 8, 2017


Forum #1: Advancing PDA Implementation: Successful Placemaking Strategies
March 23, 2016


Forum #2: Financing PDA Infrastructure – Strategies to Meet Today's Needs
July 27, 2016

Forum #3: Advancing PDA Implementation: Affordable and Workforce Housing Policy and Design
January 26, 2017