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Plan Bay Area 2040

We have just begun work on Plan Bay Area 2040 — our region’s roadmap for:

  • Forecasting transportation needs through the year 2040
  • Preserving the character of our diverse communities
  • Adapting to the challenges of future population growth

State and federal law requires that this be done at least every four years.

Plan Bay Area open house
Plan Bay Area 2040 open house in Pleasanton in spring 2015.
Karl Nielsen

This includes a comprehensive update of our research, forecasts and investment strategies from the original Plan Bay Area (adopted in 2013).

Working with the Association of Bay Area Governments, our goal is to craft a plan that will support a growing economy, provide more housing and transportation choices, and reduce pollution caused by transportation. 

Plan Bay Area 2040 is slated for completion in 2017. Visit the Plan Bay Area website to learn more.

Public comments like those collected during spring 2015's Plan Bay Area 2040 open houses and the virtual open house will help inform staff recommendations and, ultimately, the final decisions about Plan Bay Area 2040 made by MTC and ABAG. At key milestones in the development of Plan Bay Area 2040, staff will summarize the input heard at open houses, as well as on our online forum and any emailed or mailed comments, for consideration by the boards of ABAG and MTC.

Concerned about Bay Area growth and transportation? You have a voice. We need your input to plan for a prosperous and livable future for the Bay Area.

Subscribe to the Open Forum on the Plan Bay Area website.

Wise planning can help create a Bay Area we’ll be proud to leave our kids.

By focusing on maintaining and improving our existing roadways and transit systems, we can help make underused urban locations more attractive locations for job growth and new homes.

Explore the Bay Area’s 100 largest transportation projects (in terms of cost) in our interactive map.


Plans + Projects

Plan Bay Area 2040 on blue background
Plan Bay Area 2040
Plan Bay Area 2040 is a roadmap to help Bay Area cities and counties preserve the character of our diverse communities while adapting to the challenges of future population growth.