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Transportation 2035


Change in Motion

Transportation 2035 is change in motion — guided by the Three Es of economy, environment and equity, along with a set of ambitious goals and performance objectives, that will transform not only the way we invest in our transportation but the very way the Bay Area travels. The plan sets forth a bold vision and takes us on a journey to:

Where mobility and accessibility is ensured for all Bay Area residents and visitors, regardless of race, age, income or disability; and

Where our bicycle and pedestrian facilities, public transit systems, local streets and roads, and highways are all safe and well-maintained and take us when and where we need to go; and

Where an integrated market-based pricing system for the region’s carpool lanes (via a Regional High-Occupancy Toll (HOT) Lane Network), bridges, and roadways helps us not only to manage the demand on our mature transportation system but also to pay for its improvements; and

Where our lively and diverse metropolitan region is transformed by a growth pattern that creates complete communities with ready, safe and close access to jobs, shopping, and services that are connected by reliable and cost-effective transit services; and

Where technology advances move out of the lab and onto the street, including clean fuels and vehicles, sophisticated traffic operations systems to manage traffic flow and reduce delay and congestion on our roadways, advanced and accessible traveler information that allows us to make informed travel choices, and transit operational strategies that synchronize fare structures, schedules, and routes to speed travel to our destinations; and

Where we have a viable choice to leave our autos at home and take advantage of a seamless network of accessible pedestrian and bicycle paths that connect to nearby bus, rail and ferry services that can carry us to work, school, shopping, services, or recreation; and

Where we lead and mobilize a partnership of regional and local agencies, businesses, and stakeholders to take effective action to protect our climate and serve as a model for national and international action; and

Where our transportation investments and travel behaviors are driven by the need to reduce our impact on the earth’s natural habitats; and

Where all Bay Area residents enjoy a higher quality of life.

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