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Emergency Coordination


Regional Emergency Coordination Plan: Base Plan (RECP)

The Cal EMA Regional Emergency Coordination Plan (RECP) provides a terrorism and natural disaster framework for collaboration among responsible entities and coordination during emergencies in the San Francisco Bay Area. The RECP defines procedures for regional coordination, collaboration, decision-making and resource sharing among emergency response agencies in the Bay Area. The RECP has nine subsidiary plans of which transportation is one.

RECP Transportation Subsidiary Plan

The Transportation Subsidiary Plan of the RECP provides regional guidance for the transportation of First Responders and Disaster Service Workers, delivery of emergency equipment and supplies, and evacuation. The focus of the Transportation Subsidiary Plan is on the coordination of transportation assets to enable emergency response, whereas the RTEMP focuses on restoration of basic transportation services to the general public. The transportation Plan and the RTEMP are intended to function in concert, to ensure transportation capacity for emergency response and for basic mobility.

San Francisco Vessel Mutual Assistance Plan (SF V-MAP)

The purpose of the San Francisco Vessel Mutual Assistance Plan (SF V-MAP) is to ensure that a sufficient level of safety exists under Title 46, Code of Federal Regulations, Section 117.207(f) so that small passenger vessels meeting the criteria of section 117.207(f) carry an appropriate number and type of survival craft. It is intended to enhance local capabilities to effectively manage a catastrophic, in port Search and Rescue incident.