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About FasTrak

The FasTrak electronic toll collection (ETC) system has been operational on all seven of the state-owned toll bridges in the Bay Area as well as the Golden Gate Bridge since December 2000, with at least one ETC-dedicated toll booth on each bridge to ease traffic congestion and speed travel.

Drivers who equip their vehicles with a FasTrak toll tag on the windshield or dashboard can glide through the toll plaza without stopping to pay cash. As vehicles pass, an overhead antenna reads the tag and automatically deducts the toll from the driver’s prepaid account. And, motorists can authorize FasTrak to charge a credit card to replenish the prepaid account when their balance gets low.

Every toll lane on on every Bay Area toll bridge is equipped with FasTrak readers, and one-quarter of all toll lanes are reserved for the exclusive use of FasTrak-equipped vehciles.

MTC's Bay Area Toll Authority administers the FasTrak program in partnership with Caltrans and the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District. All customer service operations are located at 475 The Embarcadero in downtown San Francisco.