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Data Portal Website

Decisions about transportation are informed by data.

MTC collects statistics — lots of them. The Commission created its Data Portal Website to provide the public and local agencies access for their data needs.

Data feeds MTC's maps, charts, and planning analyses and forecasts. This, in turn, helps MTC commissioners and other public policy makers make informed decisions.

We invite the public, developers, programmers and planners to dive into our data — and use it.

Spatial Library

Our Spatial Library, located in this portal, gathers data for mapping to illustrate trends and information geographically. Make a data request!

Modeling Library

Where do Bay Area residents live and work, and how do they get there? What are their ages, genders, income and occupations? Find out in the MTC/ABAG Modeling Library.

Request Our Services

Have a spatial mapping project in mind, or are you looking for assistance with making a map? Request our services.