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Bay Area Metro Center Shuttle Service

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

An ADA-accessible minibus, operated by S.F. Minibus, is available to the public on MTC committee and commission meeting days, as well as for select ABAG and BAAQMD meetings. The shuttle stop is located at the white curb zone in front of 77 Beale Street (Plaza entrance to PG&E Headquarters). 

The shuttle operates on a continuous loop between the Bay Area Metro Center and 77 Beale Street between 8 a.m. and 
3 p.m. on meeting days, and serves ABAG’s evening meetings until 11 p.m.

If the shuttle is not there when needed, simply call the dispatch line at 415-777-5555. The driver will be dispatched to the pick-up spot at either end of the route.

For more information, visit

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Since Beale Street is one-way southbound and the bus stops on the east (left) side of the street, do the buses have left-side doors for passenger loading?
Thank you for your interest. The buses do not have left-side doors. Beale Street is two-way south of Folsom.
Will this shuttle be available to the agency employees to use on those days also?
Yes, agency employees may use the shuttles on the days that it is running.
Is this shuttle also available to MTC employees on those days to use?
Yes, agency employees may use the shuttles on the days that it is running.
The old Bay Area Metro Center in Oakland was conveniently located above a BART station. The new Bay Area Metro Center in San Francisco is quite a hike from BART. The creation of this shuttle service is an admission by MTC, ABAG and BAAQMD that this new "Taj Mahal" is automobile-focused and not conveniently accessible by public transportation. Will MTC, ABAG and BAAQMD encourage private sector businesses to follow their lead and relocate from public transportation hubs to more remote sites requiring automobiles to access them? The new Bay Area Metro Center was constructed substantially with bridge toll revenue. Maybe the new Metro Center is in the shadow of the "Willie Brown Bay Bridge" in this inconvenient location because it needs to be in close proximity to the source of its construction funds?
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