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Request a Public Record

As a member of the community, you have the right to inspect or obtain a copy of any identifiable public record, except those records that are legally exempt from public exposure.

Digital and paper files

Steps to Access Public Records & What to Expect

  1. A request to inspect or copy public records can be made orally or in writing. MTC encourages written requests. Written requests can be mailed or emailed to:

    Public Records Request
    c/o MTC Public Information
    375 Beale Street
    San Francisco, CA 94105

    Phone: (415) 778-6700
  2. Your request should be specific and should describe the records in detail to ensure identification and retrieval.
  3. An MTC staff member can assist you, if necessary, to identify the requested information, describe the technology or physical location of the record, and provide suggestions on how to overcome practical barriers to disclosure. 
  4. In some circumstances, we may not be able to respond immediately during certain work periods. If your request requires the review of numerous records, a mutually agreeable time will be coordinated with you.
  5. By law MTC may take up to 10 calendar days from the date of receipt of your records request to respond as to whether such records exist, whether any records are exempt from disclosure, and when records will be made available.
  6. In some circumstances MTC will notify you that we could need additional days for your response (Cal. Govt. Code Section 6253(c)).
  7. After MTC receives a request and gathers available public records, you may inspect them by appointment during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  8. Persons inspecting MTC records shall not destroy, mutilate, deface, alter or remove any such records from the MTC office. MTC reserves the right to have its staff present during the inspection of records to prevent the loss or destruction of records.
  9. Upon completion of your inspection or at the request of MTC staff, you must relinquish physical possession of the records.

Please note that the inspection of records must be conducted at our offices, and under conditions determined by MTC.

Thank you.

Copies of public records are available upon pre-payment of the copying costs.

Each page is 25 cents for a hard copy.

MTC has limited capacity to copy in-house. If you request an excessive amount of copies, we may have to send the documents to a copy service – and you may incur a copy fee set by the service.

PDFs or electronic versions are 10 cents per page and will be transmitted to you via CD. There will be a small fee for the cost of the CD and postage.

You may request a copy of these guidelines at no charge to you. Refer to step #1 above to submit a request.

California Government code Section 6250 et seq., states that the public has a right to inspect or obtain a copy of public records.

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