Regional Advisory Working Group (RAWG)

The Regional Advisory Working Group (RAWG) provides input on updates to Plan Bay Area.

Peter Beeler

The Regional Advisory Working Group (RAWG) meets periodically to provide input on updates to Plan Bay Area from private residents, local governments, advocacy groups and others.

RAWG has no set membership but the group usually includes:

  • Staff from MTC and other regional agencies
  • Staff from city and county governments
  • Transit operators and county congestion management agencies
  • Representatives from various interest groups
  • Interested local residents

Staff Contact

For assistance, including information on upcoming meetings and joining the email list, please contact:

Martha Silver, Executive Office
Phone: (415) 778-6693

Regional Equity Working Group

This group was set up under the RAWG umbrella to support social equity planning and analysis in the development of Plan Bay Area 2050.

Plan Bay Area

How do we build a better economy, a cleaner environment, housing for all and safe transportation in the Bay Area? It's called Plan Bay Area.

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