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Arterial Operations Committee

The Arterial Operations Committee includes MTC staff, city and county traffic engineers, and traffic engineering consultants.

The committee meets quarterly to discuss issues related to major arterial streets and roads, and to promote projects that:

  • Reduce travel time
  • Reduce emissions
  • Enhance safety

For more information about the Arterial Operations Committee, please contact Robert Rich,​

The Arterial Operations Committee, with support from our Arterial Operations Program, provides a forum for both public agencies and private companies to stay abreast of new industry practices and share lessons learned.

Topics may include:

  • Regional projects’ impacts on arterial streets and roads
  • Air quality conformity
  • Project funding
  • Upcoming grant and training opportunities
  • New publications

MTC’s Program for Arterial System Synchronization, or PASS, provides technical assistance to Bay Area cities and counties to help improve the safety and operating efficiency of select traffic signal systems and corridors.

MTC’s Technology Transfer Program offers free, half-day seminars on a variety of topics of interest to local traffic engineers, planners, students, etc.

These seminars include technical presentations by topic experts as well as presentations from local engineers on recent projects.

Check out a list of upcoming seminars.