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Local Streets and Roads Working Group

The Local Streets & Roads Working group includes MTC staff and local governments’ public works directors or transportation directors.

The group meets monthly to provide an important link between the Commission and Bay Area cities, and a forum for cities to advocate for pavement maintenance funding.

For assistance, please contact Theresa Romell, TRomell@bayareametro.gov

City streets and county roads are the foundation of the Bay Area's transportation system.

Find out how well cities and counties are maintaining roadways when you visit our interactive website, Vital Signs

MTC’s Pavement Management Technical Assistance Program, or P-TAP for short, helps Bay Area cities and counties implement and maintain pavement management systems.

P-TAP also provides engineering assistance for pavement rehabilitation projects.

MTC’s StreetSaver® software is extremely popular. It's in use in all of our cities and counties to help stretch critical pavement maintenance dollars.

Visit our StreetSaver section and learn more.