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Transit Finance Working Group

The Transit Finance Working Group includes staff from MTC and Bay Area transit agencies.

Topics of discussion often include new funding opportunities and issues that may affect transit agencies’ operating costs.

Members meet monthly to discuss a wide range of financial issues related to transit service in the region.

For assistance, please contact Theresa Hannon,

Among the newer funding sources reviewed by this group is California’s cap-and-trade program for emissions allowances.

Our priorities for transportation funds generated through the cap-and-trade program include:

  • Transit Core Capacity Grant Program to help meet vehicle replacement and system modernization needs at the region’s three largest transit agencies: San Francisco Muni, BART and AC Transit
  • Transit Operating and Efficiency Program to improve transit service throughout the region

One of our continuing challenges is how to make transit more affordable for lower-income residents.

Is there a transit affordability solution that won’t bankrupt transit agencies, won’t create excessive administration problems, and won’t degrade transit agencies’ service levels or performance?

MTC is conducting a regional Means-Based Transit Fare Study that looks into this important issue.