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Meet the 2017-2021 Policy Advisory Council Members

Cathleen Baker 2017 Photo
Cathleen Baker
Representing the Low-Income Community of Napa County

“I hope to continue to be a voice for low-income and underserved communities that should benefit from the opportunities created by the policies, investments, and broad-ranging efforts of our regional, county, and local agencies.”

Cathleen Baker’s qualifications to represent low-income communities stem from her work as a community health planner, as well as previous research and policy analysis conducted for a community redevelopment agency to respond to a growing population of homeless families. She frequently collaborated with communities to address public health and environmental and social justice issues, and provided technical assistance on health impact assessments and local planning processes to benefit low-income and environmentally impacted communities in San Mateo County. She is currently a Napa Climate NOW participant, and has served on past project selection panels of MTC’s Section 5310 Program, Regional Active Transportation Program and Lifeline Program.

Jim Blacksten 2017 Photo
Jim E. Blacksten
Representing the Disabled Community of San Francisco

"I am a leader within the disabled community here in San Francisco and beyond. I provide advice, guidance and direction, as well as some technical assistance on a wide range of issues to individuals, groups, corporations, and other entities. I am well positioned within the City and County of San Francisco throughout the disabled community in order to serve. I have a very strong passion and desire to make a difference, and I’m ready and willing to serve persons with disabilities in a number of capacities."

Jim Blacksten is an active member of the California Council of the Blind (San Francisco chapter, as secretary and program chair), Golden State Guide Dog Handlers, Inc., and the National Federation of the Blind (San Francisco chapter). He was recently appointed by Mayor Ed lee to serve on the San Francisco Mayor’s Disability Council, and is one of the co-chairs of the council. He also has served as the MTC Policy Advisory Council Equity and Access Subcommittee chair. He is a braille reader, and is a strong advocate of its use by blind children and adults. Mr. Blacksten also is a proficient user of computers and adaptive technology and has spent 30 years in public communication, program coordination and implementation. He is a two-time graduate of Guide Dogs for the Blind (GDB), with Madera as his second guide dog, and is a member of the GDB Speakers Bureau. Mr. Blacksten is also involved with and connected to the San Francisco Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and he serves as a lector at St. Patrick’s Church in San Francisco.

Richard L. Burnett
Representing the Disabled Community of Solano County

"I am interested in issues related to transportation, urban planning, emergency preparedness, cyber security, business intelligence and the environment."

Currently a member of Solano Transportation Authority’s Paratransit Coordinating Council, Richard L. Burnett has been a member of MTC’s Policy Advisory Council since its inception. He sits on the Solano County Transit (SolTrans) Public Advisory Committee (as Chairperson from 2012 to 2014), was previously a member of the City of Vallejo Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee, and served as a member of the City of Vallejo Housing and Redevelopment Commission. In his “spare” time, he works as a Chief Examination Proctor for the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Carlos Castellanos 2017 Photo
Carlos Castellanos
Representing the Low-Income Community of Alameda County

“I have been active in serving on MTC staff project selection panels for Lifeline and other funding application programs. I feel I bring a combination of land use and transportation knowledge to the Council, and I weave transportation needs into the developments created through my work.”

Carlos Castellanos has worked in the Bay Area for over 20 years in the fields of planning and housing. The director of housing development for MidPen Housing Corporation ̶ one of the nation’s leading nonprofit developers, owners and managers of high-quality, affordable housing ̶ Mr. Castellanos has a Master’s degree in city planning and transportation engineering. He is experienced in working with local jurisdictions, labor unions and businesses to promote and achieve local and disadvantaged population hiring goals. He was a member of MTC’s Minority Citizens Advisory Committee, where he chaired the Regional Transportation Plan 2035 Equity Analysis subcommittee and served on the subsequent Equity Analysis subcommittee that supported inclusion of a snapshot analysis of data gathered on regular intervals between regional transportation plans.

Rick Coates, MTC Policy Advisor
Rick Coates
Representing the Senior Community of Sonoma County

“I have experience with all modes of transportation, have served on the Board of Friends of SMART, and have been an avid bicyclist all of my life….”

Rick Coates is the executive director of EcoRing, a North Bay nonprofit that promotes Eco Tourism and green travel, and Forest Unlimited, which deals with the economics and sustainability of forestry and the public review of logging plans in the North Bay Area. In addition to his environmental work, Mr. Coates has worked to improve public transportation in the Roseland neighborhood of Santa Rosa. He is a Friends of SMART Board member, a former Sonoma County public school teacher and professor, and is interested in a balanced transportation policy.

Abigail Cochran
Representing the Disabled Community of Alameda County

“I truly believe that it is the responsibility of transportation oversight agencies…to consider the needs of every member of their jurisdiction in a fully inclusive manner, and it is only via this approach that we as planners…can facilitate the creation of meaningful, productive, connected communities.”

As a doctoral student in the Department of City and Regional Planning at the University of California, Berkeley, Abigail Cochran’s research investigates disability-responsive planning, and critically examines accessibility in cities to discern how definition, perception, and measurement of “access” determines qualities of the built environment that hinder or enable people with disabilities in particular ways. Her research includes a deep investigation of how people with disabilities navigate cities, how those with diverse functional abilities think about and actually travel, and how the design and service offerings of cities facilitate inclusion of people with disabilities, given their unique and typically transit-centered needs. She is also an active volunteer with San Francisco’s Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, serving in one capacity as a fitness partner.

Veda Florez
Representing the Minority Community of Marin County

"I am committed to environmental justice to include food equity, living, and sustainable life in a healthy lifestyle. I have been involved in preparing for sea level rise and storm water intrusion. My work with Marin Grassroots focuses on the removal of institutionalized racism in our community.” 

Veda Florez is a communications consultant for the Marin County Elections Department, who works with underserved communities to inform and instruct them on how to register to vote and vote. She is heavily involved in the Marin community, regularly participating in the Marin Economic Summit, the Environmental Forum, and other events, and working with Shore-up Marin, Sustainable Novato, Impact Novato, the Marin Center for Independent Living, and the Marin Conservation League. Ms. Florez has volunteered for the Red Cross, does communications outreach for the League of Women Voters, is on the Novato Multicultural Commission, and is a member of Marin Latino leaders, among other organizations.

Richard Hedges
Representing the Senior Community of San Mateo County

“Seniors and disabled citizens want to be independent. It is my goal to help them remain independent as long as possible...Senior and disabled independence solves many financial problems as well for the community.”

Richard Hedges has been involved with senior and disabled issues nearly his entire life, since assisting his grandmother, who was sight-impaired. He became disabled himself after an on-the-job accident that ended his career in the building trades. He completed his education, including a master’s degree, and accepted a position with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union. A long-time supporter of Transit-Oriented Development, Mr. Hedges chaired San Mateo Together, a group that included the Building Trades Council, Chamber of Commerce, Sierra Club and the San Mateo Central Labor Council, and focused on the construction of senior and disabled housing near the San Mateo Caltrain Station. He is a former field representative in the office of U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos, performing outreach to community groups and labor in San Mateo and San Francisco counties, and is a former member of MTC’s Elderly and Disabled Advisory Committee and the MTC Advisory Council.

Michelle Hernandez
Michelle Hernandez
Representing the Disabled Community of Contra Costa County

“I want to be a part of making a positive change in the transportation arena. It is my firsthand experience combined with my professional expertise in the psychology of disability that makes me a unique candidate for this position.”

Dr. Michelle Hernandez serves as an ambassador for the Arthritis Foundation and is a former member and vice chair of the City of Oakland’s Commission for Persons with Disabilities. Her background is in mental health counseling, and she has experience working with the homeless, severely disabled, psychiatric and deaf populations. As an individual with a severe disability, she relies on public transportation and paratransit for most of her transportation needs. She is in a unique position to educate others regarding accessibility, specific accommodations, and various resources within specific underrepresented communities, especially the disabled population.

Wendi Kallins
Environment Representative

“I feel very passionately about providing people with the opportunity to choose greener transportation modes, whether it is creating more walkable and bike-able communities, improving access and efficiency of public transit, or creating land use patterns that allow people to live close to work, transit and/or services.”

Wendi Kallins is the co-founder of Safe Routes to Schools in Marin County, the national pilot program, and she currently serves as the Programs Coordinator in charge of organizing and facilitating task forces and providing support services for the program. As part of the national Safe Routes to Schools movement, Ms. Kallins trained and consulted with over 45 communities across the country and presented at national and international conferences. She is President of Sustainable Marin and is on the steering committee of Coalition for a Livable Marin (CALM), an organization that promotes green transportation alternatives and affordable housing near transit/services.

Randi Kinman
Representing the Low-Income Community of Santa Clara County

“I have been working extensively with low-income communities for almost 20 years...I helped establish a local neighborhood organization and a multi-neighborhood organization in low-income underserved areas.”

Randi Kinman, a former planning commissioner for the City of San Jose, worked as a volunteer in the City of San Jose’s Strong Neighborhoods Initiative program. She represents and works with communities of color and low income individuals, developing residents’ leadership skills while providing training and education. Ms. Kinman is currently chair of both the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Association and the Burbank/Del Monte Neighborhood Advisory Committee, as well as a trustee for the West Valley-Mission Community College District.  She has served as chair of the Policy Advisory Council and chaired the Regional Transportation Plan 2035 Equity Analysis subcommittee that supported inclusion of a snapshot analysis of data gathered on regular intervals between regional transportation plans.

Anna Lee 2017 Photo
Anna Lee
Environment Representative

“I would like to help make our regional transportation system more healthy and equitable and ensure it is serving all our communities including our most vulnerable...I bring experience with public health data and research, air quality science, community engagement and working on climate transportation policy issues.”

Anna Lee has years of experience working on policy issues related to environmental justice, transportation, goods movement, energy, air quality, land use and community engagement. In her current role as Local Policy Coordinator for the Alameda County Public Health Department, she analyzes land use and transportation policy issues; and gathers pertinent information to make evidence-based recommendations in regards to policy development, taking positions on legislation and informing departmental policy to the department leadership and the County Health Officer. She has served on several advisory committees including the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's Community Air Risk Evaluation Program Advisory Committee, the Oakland Army Base Air Quality Advisory Stakeholder Group, the West Oakland Specific Plan Technical Advisory Group, and California's AB 32 Environmental Justice Advisory Committee.

Adina Levin
Environment Representative

“Transportation is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in our area; increasing mode share of sustainable transportation is the most important thing we can do in the area to fight climate change.”

As the Executive Director of Friends of Caltrain, Adina Levin leads an organization dedicated to increasing the share of sustainable transportation on the Peninsula Corridor from San Francisco through San Jose. The organization supports a modernized Caltrain, well-connected to a regional transit network, supported by sustainable transportation policies that include transit-oriented development and transportation demand management. Ms. Levin currently serves on the Menlo Park Transportation Commission, the Congestion Management Environmental Quality (CMEQ) Advisory Committee to the San Mateo City/County Association of Governments, as well as several other local committees.

Michael Lopez
Representing the Senior Community of Santa Clara County

“I want the Bay Area to invest in transportation endeavors that will maintain and grow our economy and to provide public transportation for all levels of income…I want to contribute to a mindset that considers the use of public transportation as the first alternative instead of the last.”

Michael Lopez is a retired Santa Clara County planning manager, where he reviewed, evaluated and approved projects that were subject to provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). With 39 years as a planner in Santa Clara County, his educational background in economics and urban planning, and his prior years serving on MTC’s Minority Citizens Advisory Committee, he brings both local and regional transportation experience to the table. Mr. Lopez served on the Santa Clara County Grand Jury in a “watchdog” capacity to hear allegations of mistreatment by public officials and complaints of governmental misconduct or inefficiencies.

Marc Madden
Representing the Senior Community of Marin County

"I have an abiding interest in regional government issues."

Marc Madden is a former Assistant to the Director of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, former Department Director of the Portland Metropolitan Service District, and a former Director of Government Relations in the metals recycling industry. In addition he worked for an opinion polling company, serving as Vice President of corporate priorities, public policy and forecasting for several Fortune 50 companies. He directed a needs assessment survey with the Gallup organization on aging populations for the U.S. Administration on Aging. Mr. Madden is a former member of the Corte Madera Park and Recreation Commission and the Task Force on the General Plan, and he is a current member of the Corte Madera Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee.

Adrian Mendoza
Representing the Minority Community of Sonoma County

“Both of my parents were born in Mexico and immigrated to the U.S. in the 1930s and 1940s, and I am a first generation American born citizen. I want to highlight the contributions made by Latinos to the U.S. economy.”

As a photojournalist for 23 years in California’s Central Valley, Adrian Mendoza, regularly photographed modes, infrastructure, air quality impacts and evolving transportation alternatives for commuters from the Central Valley to the Bay Area. Since moving to the Bay Area, he has photographed many projects including Highway I-80, the Bay Bridge, many San Francisco skyscrapers, Mission Bay, Caltrain, SFO, container ships and ferries in the Bay, and the future Transbay Terminal construction. While Mr. Mendoza is grateful to be able to continue his love for photography working in the public relations department at Santa Rosa Junior College, he is also passionate about the arts and spends time advocating for social justice.

Teddy Miller
Teddy Kỳ-Nam Miller
Economy Representative

“As the native son of the rapidly gentrifying East Bay with a background in inclusive economies (I received my Masters from the London School of Economics), I am passionate about applying market forces to equitably grow our economy from the bottom up.”

Teddy Kỳ-Nam Miller is the Economic Equity Director for the Greenlining Institute, where he leads the organization’s efforts to build wealth in communities of color through a variety of strategies, including housing policy, financial empowerment, bank accountability, and investing in people of color-owned businesses and nonprofits. He is a former Senior Associate at PolicyLink, and he served as an aide to Congresswoman Barbara Lee. He worked on behalf of low-income and communities of color during the Dodd-Frank financial reform negotiations in Washington, DC, and was a policy advisor for the 2016 Measure JJ Tenant Protection campaign in Oakland. He hopes to apply a range of policies and practices from across the nation to serve public transit-dependent people in the Bay Area and encourage all households to choose transit.

Rahmon Momoh
Representing the Minority Community of Contra Costa County

“For 18 years with the Office of Ratepayer Advocates, I worked extensively on every aspect of environmental justice issues…I would like to contribute my extensive analytical experience to the Policy Advisory Council.”

As a Senior Regulatory Analyst for the California Public Utilities Commission, Rahmon Momoh has represented the Commission on several energy and communications projects, as well as a variety of environmental proceedings and forums. He represented ratepayer concerns during Phase II of the implementation of Assembly Bill 32, and spent several years working in the Office of Ratepayer Advocates. For approximately two years, he was policy and energy advisor to former CPUC Commissioner Timothy Simon. He is currently the president of the CPUC’s African American Coalition, and President of the Oduduwa Heritage Organization.

Cynthia Murray 2017 Photo
Cynthia Murray
Economy Representative

“I enjoy helping to shape good public policy, and transportation and housing are two critical issues facing the Bay Area that I would like to help improve.”

Cynthia L. Murray is the CEO of North Bay Leadership Council, representing employers in Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties. Her expertise is in transportation, housing, sustainability, and economic competitiveness. As a former Marin County Supervisor and Novato Councilmember, she has years of experience in land use and transportation planning, and has served on local transportation boards including the Transportation Authority of Marin, Golden Gate Bridge Highway & Transportation District, and SMART. She led the campaign to include and pass the SMART train on the 2008 ballot and continues to fight to address local problems with Highway 37 and secure funding to widen Highway 101 through the Narrows.

Daniel Saver
Representing the Low-Income Community of San Mateo County

“During my years working on housing issues at Community Legal Services in East Palo Alto, I’ve worked with thousands of low-income residents…who have struggled with housing insecurity, lack of adequate public transit options, and countless other barriers that make it difficult for them to share in the benefits of the explosive economic growth in Silicon Valley. I hope to lift up the voices of low-income people…within the Policy Advisory Council.”

Daniel Saver is a Senior Attorney for a nonprofit law firm that provides free legal services to low-income communities and communities of color in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. He has experience with landlord-tenant law, land-use law and policy, and the environmental review process under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). He has represented hundreds of low-income clients across the full range of housing issues including evictions, rent increases, habitability problems, discrimination and harassment. Mr. Saver is a member of San Mateo County’s “Home for All” Steering Council and a member of their Legislation and Policy Committee, and was a member of San Mateo County’s Blue Ribbon “Closing the Jobs-Housing Gap” 2015-2016 Task Force.

Benjamin Schweng
Environment Representative

“I interface with the entire cycling community and primarily commute on two wheels (motorcycle and bicycle). I...see how poor planning in projects...negatively impacts cyclists. I have a background in highway bridge construction...that background helps me get into and understand the plans, and also the unique challenges of implementing complete streets....”

Benjamin Schweng is the proprietor of Cyclepath, a bicycle shop in downtown Hayward that serves a diverse community of riders. He has experience helping people to overcome the many challenges that exist to cycling in the Bay Area. He’s a local cycling advocate and has volunteered with Safe Routes to Schools, Bike to Work Day and law enforcement-sponsored safety outreach. He is the current vice chair of the Hayward Downtown Business Improvement Area Advisory Board and a member of the Alameda CTC Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Council. 

K. Patrice Williams
Representing the Minority Community of Solano County

“I have a passion for transportation…I would like to leverage my experience in policy, advocacy, DBE outreach, affordable housing, and diversity….”

K. Patrice Williams is a small business owner whose focus is on public awareness campaigns, customer engagement, event management, business matchmaking, and government relations. Ms. Williams serves as the CEO for BrandGOV, a premier diversity hiring facilitation firm, and has leveraged that expertise to found Match2Hire, a nonprofit dedicated to connecting local residents to government diversity job needs. As a small business owner, she has advocated on behalf of SBE/DBE interests around the world. In addition to being selected for the Department of Transportation’s 2016 Leadership Academy, she has worked on an advocacy event at the Congressional Black Caucus in Washington D.C. that has core goals of sustainability, environmental justice and reducing the carbon footprint in historically underserved communities. Ms. Williams is a member of the Solano Black Chamber of Commerce.

Patrick Wolff
Economy Representative

“I care deeply about the economic and social health of our community. Transportation is extremely important in that regard…I would like to help our community develop our transportation system to serve everyone here in the best possible way.”

Patrick Wolff is the former managing member and CEO of Grandmaster Capital, an investment firm that managed over $250 million in assets. He has also worked for Thiel Macro, helping to manage the portfolio and family assets for billionaire Peter Thiel. He has years of experience in finance, banking and with startup companies. He is also a world renowned chess player, having won the U.S. Chess Championships in 1992 and 1995, been awarded the title of International Grandmaster in 1990, and having authored The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Chess (first through third editions). Mr. Wolff also is the founder and President of an annual investor presentation charity event which, since 2010, has funded over $1.4 million in donations to nonprofits that provide educational opportunities and improve the lives of underserved youth.

Major recruitments are done every four years to fill advisory council seats.
However, sometimes we need to fill interim vacancies. Check back here for ongoing opportunities!