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Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee

The Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee’s responsibilities are to:

  • Oversee and develop the agencies’ annual advocacy priorities 
  • Recommend state and federal positions on legislation to the full governing boards of MTC and ABAG
  • Monitor and recommend positions on relevant local and regional ballot measures 
  • Oversee the agencies’ public information and public participation programs

This 20-member committee consists of nine voting members from each agency and two non-voting members from the former MTC Legislation Committee. The committee meets the second Friday of each month. Check the Meetings page for start time information.

For assistance, please contact Martha Silver,

In May 2020, the Commission and ABAG Executive Board took initial steps to consolidate several ABAG and MTC committees, starting with the Legislation Committees.

At the July 22, 2020 Joint ABAG MTC Governance Committee meeting, committee members voted to recommend consolidation of the two agencies’ legislative committees into a Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee. This action was followed by a special meeting of the ABAG Executive Board in August, in which the board disbanded ABAG’s Legislation Committee and approved the new joint committee; and action by the Commission in August to amend the Commission’s Procedures Manual in order to replace the MTC Legislation Committee with the new joint committee.

The first meeting of the Joint MTC ABAG Legislation Committee will be held on Friday, September 11, 2020.

ABAG members
Jesse Arreguin, Chair
Pat Eklund 
Barbara Halliday
Dave Hudson
Gordon Mar
Karen Mitchoff
David Rabbitt 
Belia Ramos 

MTC members 
Vacant, Vice Chair
Eddie Ahn 
David Canepa
Cindy Chavez
Damon Connolly 
Sam Liccardo
Alfredo Pedroza
Jim Spering

MTC non-voting members
Dorene M. Giacopini