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Policy Advisory Council

Policy Advisory Council
Peter Beeler
MTC's Policy Advisory Council met on Dec. 6, 2016 in the Bay Area Metro Center board room.

The Policy Advisory Council provides advice to the Commission on funding priorities, legislative initiatives, revisions to the long-range regional transportation plan - or Plan Bay Area - and other key subjects.

The Policy Advisory Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month, usually in the afternoon. Meetings are audiocast via MTC's web site, and meeting materials are posted online a week in advance of the meeting.

For assistance, please contact Martha Silver, msilver@bayareametro.gov

The Policy Advisory Council’s membership is composed of up to 27 Bay Area residents appointed by the Commission. The council is structured around interests in economic, environmental and social equity issues, and transportation for senior and disabled residents.


For more information on MTC's Policy Advisory Council, including bios on current members and listings of any vacancies, please visit this page.