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Association of Bay Area Governments

The Association of Bay Area Governments, or ABAG, partners with MTC to develop our long-term regional transportation plan — or Plan Bay Area — and various other planning initiatives.

ABAG, which appoints a representative to sit on MTC, was created by county and city governments to meet their needs for:

  • Land use
  • Environmental and water resource protection
  • Disaster resilience
  • Energy conservation
  • Hazardous waste mitigation

Visit the ABAG website to learn more.

ABAG spearheads planning for the San Francisco Bay Trail, a 500-mile shoreline walking and bicycling path that will one day encircle the Bay.

Visit the Bay Trail website.

With over 340 miles now complete, the Bay Trail follows the shoreline in nine counties and provides scenic recreation for hikers, joggers, bicyclists, skaters and wheelchair riders.

Most of the Bay Area’s housing and employment growth over the next 25 years should take place in Priority Development Areas, or PDAs.

PDAs are locally designated areas within existing communities that provide infill development opportunities and are easily accessible to transit, jobs, shopping and services.