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What We Do

We plan, invest and coordinate to keep the Bay Area mobile, sustainable and prosperous. At the same time as addressing the needs of a growing population, we are committed to preserving the diverse communities and natural beauty that make the Bay Area a desirable place to live and work.

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The federal government, state Legislature and Bay Area voters have assigned MTC a wide-ranging portfolio of duties. For starters, MTC is the metropolitan planning organization for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area — a federal designation that comes with a list of responsibilities. And MTC is also the regional transportation planning agency for the Bay Area — a state designation. 

MTC has interpreted these mandates broadly, launching a number of initiatives to deliver a smooth-functioning, well-maintained transportation system. At the same time, concerns about climate change and the environment underlie everything we do. 

One of MTC's core roles is to adopt a long-range plan to guide transportation and housing for the next 25 years. Developed with extensive public input, the plan is updated every four years. MTC also works to secure the funds to make this regional vision a reality, by lobbying for grants in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., helping to shape national and statewide transportation funding programs, and bringing regional funding measures before voters.

Here are some of our other roles:

We launch new projects and programs every year in response to new mandates, advances in technology and changing conditions. 

    As the Bay Area grows and changes, so do we.

    Plan Bay Area 2040 is a long-range integrated transportation and land-use/housing strategy through 2040 for our nine-county region.

    Evolutionary rather than revolutionary, Plan Bay Area 2040 is the latest step in a decades-long tradition of regional planning.

    Learn more about the future of the Bay Area.


    How do we compete with other major metro areas? How long do we spend on the road? How many miles do we travel? What are the conditions of our streets? How high is rent? Home prices? How clean is our air?

    Find out when you visit Vital Signs, our interactive website. We measure our performance, both past and present, and help predict future trends.  

    What Is MTC?