Regional Measure 3 (RM 3) Advocacy

Approved by Bay Area voters in 2018, Regional Measure 3 (RM 3) increased tolls on the region’s seven state-owned toll bridges to help finance dozens of highway and transit improvements designed to ease traffic congestion problems.

Karl Nielsen

To help solve the Bay Area’s growing congestion problems, MTC worked with the state Legislature to authorize a ballot measure — RM 3 (Senate Bill 595) — that will finance highway and transit improvements.

Money from the three-step RM 3 bridge toll increase will be used to finance a $4.45 billion slate of highway and transit improvements in the toll bridge corridors and their approach routes.

RM 3 Investments

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Bay Bridge
Toll-Funded Investments

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Electronic toll booth signs indicating the time, the price of a toll ($7), and FasTrak or Invoice.