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  1. Summary of Significant Housing Bills Passed by Legislature in 2017

    Development Block Grant (CDBG) distributions. Staff anticipates Bay Area jurisdictions would receive ... directly fund transit-oriented affordable housing development and homeownership assistance. The Bay Area ... the rest of the state more in line with Bay Area reporting practices. Applicability of Streamlining application/pdf

    Sep 20, 2017  PDF

  2. Building Resilience: Planning and Investing in the Bay Area's Future — Annual Report to Congress, March 2019

    2019_Report_to_Congress-MTC-ABAG.pdf Building Resilience: Planning and Investing in the Bay ... Area's Future — Annual Report to Congress, March 2019 File Name 2019_Report_to_Congress-MTC-ABAG.pdf ... MTC's annual Report to Congress for 2019 Mar 01, 2019 Legislation Planning Regional Planning application/pdf

    Mar 01, 2019  PDF

  3. Future Funding for Metropolitan Transportation Investment : Local Initiatives to Raise Revenue

    Kennedy Plan Bay Area Forecasts $277 Billion in Future Revenue – 67% Local $186 $44 $33 $14 $- $50 $100 ... (75%) and MTC (25%). Bay Area $520 12 Project-Based Sales Taxes County Sales Tax Measures Rate Initial ... 1984 2000 March 2036 $163 Sonoma ¼-Cent 2004 2004 March 2025 $18 Bay Area $530  Seven of Nine Bay Area application/pdf

    Nov 14, 2012  PDF

  4. 2015 Final Advocacy Program

    state funding for affordable housing Consistent with the goal in Plan Bay Area to secure additional ... implement Plan Bay Area Monitor and comment on program guidelines for the three new transportation- related ... Investment Grant funding for Resolution 3434/ Plan Bay Area Projects Seek annual Capital Investment Grant application/pdf

    Jan 01, 2015  PDF

  5. 2019 Final Advocacy Program

    and seek opportunities to expand funding to address Plan Bay Area 2040 implementation through one-time ... planning and operational purposes. In addition, support Bay area jurisdictions’ efforts to test and deploy ... funding for Resolution 3434/ Plan Bay Area 2040 Projects Work with regional, state and national partners application/pdf

    Apr 24, 2019  PDF

  6. 2018 Final Joint Advocacy Program

    the proposed toll increase and the expenditure plan to improve mobility within the Bay Area’s seven state-owned ... Strategy 2. Housing Supply/ Affordability A. CASA implementation Consistent with Plan Bay Area 2040’s ... (Plan) Action Plan, work with Bay Area regional partners to evaluate, and where appropriate, help application/pdf

    Jan 31, 2018  PDF

  7. 2016 Final Advocacy Program

    of priority transit capital projects. 2. Senate Bill 375/ Plan Bay Area Implementation A. Extend Regional ... with the goal in Plan Bay Area to secure additional funding for affordable housing, continue to work with Bay ... funding for Resolution 3434/ Plan Bay Area Projects Support annual Capital Investment Grant appropriations application/pdf

    Dec 16, 2015  PDF

  8. SB 1 Program Matrix

    Expected Bay Area Funding (FY 2018–19) Directing Agency Distribution Basis (or "Competitive") ... which was used to estimate the "Expected Bay Area Annual Amount." RMRA takedown N See RMRA ... materials released by the Brown administration. MTC forecasts suggest the Bay Area could receive over $200 application/pdf

    May 04, 2017  PDF

  9. LEGISLATIVE HISTORY 2017-18 Legislative Session

    Commission to adopt performance criteria, consistent with a specified asset management plan ... High-Speed Rail Authority: reports.  Would require the business plan ... proposed by the authority. The bill would require the authority to identify in the business plan application/pdf

    Sep 05, 2017  PDF

  10. June 2015 Monthly Report for MTC

    full funding for all current “Full Funding Grant Agreements,” thus all of the Bay Area projects ... I invited all of the Bay Area’s Transit representatives to participate in these strategy sessions. ... At this time, an estimated $392 million in Bay Area FTA grants are at stake. Meeting with Senator Dianne application/pdf

    Jun 30, 2015  PDF

  11. Legislative History : 2015-16 State and Federal Legislative Session

    revitalization and investment area, as defined, to carry out provisions of the Community Redevelopment Law in that area ... issuance of bonds serviced by tax increment revenues, and would require the authority to adopt a community revitalization plan ...  for the community revitalization and investment area that includes elements describing and governing revitalization activities.   AB 4 Linder Introduced 12/1/2014 Assembly 2 year application/pdf

    Jun 05, 2015  PDF

  12. MTC Bill Summary of SB 1

    and would not be subject to additional requirements or conditions. MTC estimates the Bay Area would receive ... Transportation Improvement Program. For the Bay Area, this amounts to approximately $140 million over 10 years. ... and rehabilitation • $25 million for Freeway Service Patrol • $25 million for local planning grants application/pdf

    May 03, 2017  PDF

  13. Monthly Legislation Report (Oct. 2015)

    the recipients of the $485 Million FY 15 TIGER Grants. None of the Bay Area’s TIGER Grant applications were ... at the current funding level of $819 Million/ Year. Metropolitan Planning Organizations, like MTC, can use up application/pdf

    Nov 03, 2015  PDF

  14. Surface Transportation Authorization Act of 2009: A Blueprint for Investment and Reform

    flexibility to metropolitan areas in developing plans to enhance mobility, but holds recipients of Federal ... ACT.....................................................................................11 NATIONAL TRANSPORTATION STRATEGIC PLAN ... PLANNING......................................................................23 BACKGROUND application/pdf

    Jun 18, 2009  PDF

  15. Surface Transportation Authorization Act of 2009-bill text

    be transferred under this 13 paragraph only if the metropolitan planning or-14 ganization designated for the area ... 1206. Projects of national significance. Sec. 1207. National transportation strategic plan. Subtitle ... crossings. Sec. 1508. Metropolitan planning. Sec. 1509. Statewide planning. Sec. 1510. Project delivery. Sec. application/pdf

    Jun 22, 2009  PDF

  16. The Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the Economy (DRIVE) Act Summary

    to leverage federal funds for transportation projects and maximize investments, particularly in rural areas ... performance for business.  It expands flexibility for both rural and urban areas to designate key freight ...  The legislation improves efforts to identify projects with a high return on investment through state freight plans application/pdf

    Sep 02, 2015  PDF

  17. Executive Summary of Surface Transportation Authorization Act of 2009: A Blueprint for Investment and Reform

    are required to develop long-range transportation plans for highway, transit, and rail investment, there has ... been no attempt to aggregate these plans and establish a National Transportation Strategic Plan ... transportation plans with specific performance objectives, nor does DOT ensure that States are meeting specific application/pdf

    Jun 18, 2009  PDF

  18. H.R. 22 : DRIVE Act

    planning. Sec. 21005. Urbanized area formula grants. Sec. 21006. Fixed guideway capital investment grants. ... planning. Sec. 11006. Statewide and nonmetropolitan transportation planning. Sec. 11007. Highway use tax ... of planning and environmental review. Sec. 11109. Use of programmatic mitigation plans. Sec. 11110. Adoption application/pdf

    Sep 02, 2015  PDF

  19. MTC-ABAG Housing Legislative Working Group Bill Positions Presentation May 2019.pdf

    Recommendation to “Seek Amendments” to SB 50 – Not Formally Adopted • Jobs-rich area- Ensure the definition ... identifies areas with higher- than-average concentrations of jobs and accurately identifies areas that would ... but offer the same development capacity (i.e. units) within the general station area. • Parking- Provide application/pdf

    May 23, 2019  PDF

  20. El Gobernador Aprueba Ley Apoyada por MTC Que Requiere Que Agencias de Autos Instalen Placas en el Lugar de Venta

    exprés. Estos ingresos se pueden usar para el beneficio de toda el Área de la Bahía, y en el panorama ... general, a todos los Californianos.” La MTC calcula que el Área de la Bahía pierde alrededor de $9 millones ... regional de planificación, financiación, y coordinación del transporte de los nueve condados del Área de la application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document

    Jul 26, 2016

  21. Surface Transportation Blueprint Program Consolidation

    and plan, design, and construct new transit lines and intermodal facilities. Finally, it directs Federal application/pdf

    Jun 18, 2009  PDF