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  1. Summary of Significant Housing Bills Passed by Legislature in 2017

    Development Block Grant (CDBG) distributions. Staff anticipates Bay Area jurisdictions would receive ... directly fund transit-oriented affordable housing development and homeownership assistance. The Bay Area ... the rest of the state more in line with Bay Area reporting practices. Applicability of Streamlining application/pdf

    Sep 20, 2017  PDF

  2. 2015 Final Advocacy Program

    state funding for affordable housing Consistent with the goal in Plan Bay Area to secure additional ... implement Plan Bay Area Monitor and comment on program guidelines for the three new transportation- related ... Investment Grant funding for Resolution 3434/ Plan Bay Area Projects Seek annual Capital Investment Grant application/pdf

    Jan 01, 2015  PDF

  3. Legislative History : 2015-16 State and Federal Legislative Session

    revitalization and investment area, as defined, to carry out provisions of the Community Redevelopment Law in that area ... issuance of bonds serviced by tax increment revenues, and would require the authority to adopt a community revitalization plan ...  for the community revitalization and investment area that includes elements describing and governing revitalization activities.   AB 4 Linder Introduced 12/1/2014 Assembly 2 year application/pdf

    Jun 05, 2015  PDF