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  1. PDA Technical Assistance Projects-Martinez Downtown Infrastructure Study (2011)

    (Calif.) PDA Planning Priority Development Area 10 February 2011 Prepared by: BKF ... areas in the Plan- ning are already undergrounded, or are planned for undergrounding. 3 Sanitary Sewer ... is outside the final Downtown Specific Plan area boundary, so not included here. Site 28 has been approved application/pdf

    Jan 05, 2016  PDF

  2. PDA Technical Assistance Projects-El Cerrito Development Feasibility Analysis (2012)

    Assistance Projects Contra Costa County (Calif.) PDA Planning Priority Development Area Memorandum AECOM 150 ... be necessary to spur development. 4 New Bay Area Air Quality Management District regulations may limit ... a project in the Bay Area, though this can vary depending on the economic climate and the risk threshold application/pdf

    Nov 28, 2012  PDF