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  1. A-19 Funding Framework for a High Speed Rail Early Investment Strategy for a blended System in the Peninsula Corridor (MTC Resolution No. 4056)

    transportation planning agency for the San Francisco Bay Area pursuant to Government Code 66500 et. seq.; ... for transportation investments within the Bay Area and with development of regional transportation strategies ... to address the needs of the San Francisco Bay Area; and Whereas, on December 19, 2001, MTC adopted application/pdf

    Sep 04, 2015  PDF

  2. Stand Up 4 Transportation

    funding is not just important to transportation, but to the sustainability and overall growth of the Bay ... Area economy. Some of our infrastructure is more than 100 years old. We need to maintain a strong ... local-federal partnership to ensure that riders are safe and our system reliable. As San Francisco and the Bay application/pdf

    Jan 01, 2015  PDF