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  1. 2021 Regional ATP Guidelines (adopted Feb. 2020)

    0 or 3 points. c. Countywide Plans/Goals Consistency. Met by Bay Area County Transportation Agency determination ... Transportation Commission (MTC) is the regional transportation planning agency for the San Francisco Bay Area ... in the Plan Bay Area 2040 Equity Analysis Report, available online application/pdf

    Feb 26, 2020  PDF

  2. MTC Resolution 3925 (Revised Dec. 2019)

    Transportation Commission (MTC) is the regional transportation planning agency for the San Francisco Bay Area ... effective Bay Area strategies for the Sustainable Communities Strategy and next long-range plan. The working ... for the Lifeline program; program $3.7 million to ten new Priority Development Area (PDA) Planning Grants for San application/pdf

    Dec 18, 2019  PDF

  3. FY 2018-19 Annual Listing of Federally Obligated Projects

    as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area, is required by Title 23 ... is the transportation planning, coordinating and financing agency for the nine-county San Francisco Bay Area ... Transportation Plan: Plan Bay Area MTC is responsible for adopting the Bay Area’s Regional Transportation Plan application/pdf

    Dec 27, 2019  PDF

  4. 2020 RTIP Policies and Procedures (Adopted Sept. 2019)

    the opportunity to update existing project funding plans and schedules. To meet the CTC deadline, the Bay Area ... is the regional transportation planning agency for the San Francisco Bay Area pursuant to Government Code Section ... Management Agency (CMA) or County Transportation Planning Agency, Collectively known as the Bay Area County application/pdf

    Sep 25, 2019  PDF

  5. Template: 2020 RTIP-STIP Resolution of Local Support

    for the programming discretion of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and the Regional Transportation ... Planning Agency (RTPA); and WHEREAS, pursuant to the FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION ACT, and any regulations ... and RTPA for the nine counties of the San Francisco Bay region; and WHEREAS, MTC has adopted a Regional application/pdf

    Sep 25, 2019  PDF

  6. 2020 STIP Guidelines

    of Transportation, regional transportation planning agencies, county transportation commissions and local agencies. ... funds. • Limitations on planning, programming, and monitoring (PPM). The Fund Estimate includes a table ... a full funding plan commitment. • Advance Project Development Element (APDE). There is no APDE capacity application/pdf

    Sep 25, 2019  PDF

  7. 2020 STIP Fund Estimate

    0 0 0 0 0 0 (86,000) Bay Area Ferry Operations/Waterborne (3,342) (3,375) (3,409) (3,443) (3,477) (3,512) (17,216) ... consists of preliminary engineering, planning, design, and construction engineering. From the $2.6 billion ... Statewide Planning (19) (19) (20) (20) (21) (21) (101) (119) Maintenance (400) (273) (259) (259) (259) (259) application/pdf

    Sep 25, 2019  PDF

  8. Bay Area Local Jurisdiction and Transit Operator Funding Estimates From SB 1 (Beall/Frazier) (Updated 4-17-17)

    Bay_Area_Local_Road_Funding_in_SB_1_vs_Current_Funding_4-17-17.pdf Bay Area Local Jurisdiction ... Bay_Area_Local_Road_Funding_in_SB_1_vs_Current_Funding_4-17-17.pdf Apr 17, 2017 Funding Project Funding Transit Funding Bay Area Local Impacts_Version 4_4.17.17 ... Estimate of Bay Area Local Street and Road Funding from SB 1 (Beall/Frazier) (Dollars in millions) COUNTY application/pdf

    Apr 17, 2017  PDF

  9. TRIP -- California Transportation By The Numbers 2016 Report Final

    in California’s largest urban areas in the form of additional VOC, congestion-related delays and traffic crashes. ... Average per-driver costs for the state’s largest urban areas are as follows: Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa ... and local governments to plan and finance projects with greater certainty through 2020. The Fixing America’s application/pdf

    Aug 17, 2016  PDF

  10. OBAG 1 Regional Projects

    Metropolitan Transportation Commission Dec 16, 2015 Funding One Bay Area Grant (OBAG) Project Funding ... Springs Area Plan Sonoma County $450,000 $0 $450,000 MTC Res. No. 4035, Attachment B-1 Adopted: 05/17/12-C ... 05/27/15-C 06/24/15-C 07/22/15-C 10/28/15-C 11/18/15-C 12/16/15-C 5. PRIORTY DEVELOPMENT AREA (PDA) PLANNING application/pdf

    Dec 16, 2015  PDF