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  1. ITS’s Role in Supporting Sustainable Mobility in San Francisco Bay Area

    • Responsibilities include: – Planning – Funding – Coordination – Operations – Advocacy 4 Bay Area Transportation ... Sustainable Mobility- Regional Transportation Policy 6 Plan Aims to Achieve Bay Area Share of California’s GHG ... Communities Strategy – Requires the integration of land use and transportation planning in a Sustainable application/pdf

    Oct 25, 2012  PDF

  2. MTC Title VI 2017 Compliance Report Appendix M - Clipper Outreach

    of the current Clipper contract in 2019, MTC and the transit operators are collaborating on a long-range planning ... provided a brief overview of Clipper along with a short description of the next-generation planning process ... and Spanish-language media outlets on October 29 announcing that operators plan to begin accepting Clipper® for payment application/pdf

    Jun 19, 2017  PDF

  3. Means-Based Fare Program Framework-May 2018

    the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) is the regional transportation planning agency for the San ... been highlighted as a regional issue in MTC’s Coordinated Plan, Plan Bay Area and other plans; WHEREAS, ... Additional Information 1) Impact of a 20% Discount In Plan Bay Area 2040, it was estimated that low-income application/pdf

    May 23, 2018  PDF