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  1. RM 3 Stakeholder Meeting Presentation Feb 2017

    Program $1,515 Note: Not a comprehensive list of RM 2 expenditure plan. Projects marked with asterisk ... and improving mobility  Sustainability Ensure all projects are consistent with Plan Bay Area’s 2040 focused ... 3 Expenditure Plan Concepts  Should congestion pricing be expanded on the Bay Bridge and/or considered on other application/pdf

    Feb 13, 2017  PDF

  2. RM 3 Stakeholder Meeting Agenda Feb 2017

    & Public Affairs) 4. Planning context for RM 3 in the Bay Bridge corridor (Matt Maloney, MTC application/pdf

    Feb 13, 2017  PDF

  3. I-680 Express Lane Extension: Overview & Toll Ordinance Amendment

    construction’ (blue) in map). • Over the next 25 years, the Bay Area plans to add about 380 more miles ... network. 4*Express Lane Network proposed for inclusion in Plan Bay Area 2050 * Martinez to Walnut Creek ... drivers follow the rules so the lane operates as planned. Rule I-680 Today I-680 Extension When Open application/pdf

    Aug 08, 2020  PDF

  4. I-680 Walnut Creek and San Ramon Project Fact Sheet

    is approximately $45 million, which includes planning, design, construction, utilities, and toll system ... CAPACITY HOVs TRANSIT HOV LANE HOVs TOLL-PAYING VEHICLES TRANSIT EXPRESS LANE Data Source: Plan Bay Area ... (2013). Oakland: Metropolitan Transportation Commission. 30. Data Source: Plan Bay Area (2013). Oakland: application/pdf

    Aug 01, 2015  PDF

  5. Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program Report, First Quarter 2006

    Issues....................................................................27 SFOBB East Span Risk Management Plan.................27 Quarterly Environmental Compliance ... progressing onsite, planning is underway to support significant structural demolition work scheduled for June ... impacting the critical path for the project. The Plans, Specifications, and Estimate (PS&E) package application/pdf

    Mar 31, 2006  PDF

  6. I-680 Southbound Express Lane Project - Fall 2017

    including planning, design, utilities, construction and installation of an express lane toll system. ... developing a landscaping plan for implementation after construction has been completed. WALNUT CREEK/ALAMO application/pdf

    Dec 21, 2017  PDF

  7. San Francisco Bay Area Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit and Regional Measure 1 Programs, First Quarter 2014

    Seismic Retrofit Program’s (TBSRP) Risk Management Plan, risk mitigation actions are continuously ... 504/288 Superstructure Dismantling Contract Caltrans is currently finalizing plans for the dismantling ... This contract was originally awarded in early 2004 to construct the detour structure for the planned 2006 application/pdf

    Mar 31, 2014  PDF

  8. I-680 Express Lane Extension: Overview & Toll Ordinance Amendment

    inclusión en el Plan Área de la Bahía 2050 *Referencia de la red de carriles exprés* Abierto En construcción ... del I-680. 5 ¿Cuál es el plan para abrir la extensión del carril exprés del I-680? La extensión del application/pdf

    Aug 08, 2020  PDF

  9. Public Comments on Proposed BAIFA Toll Facility Ordinance

    11/20/2019 Requiring 3 or more people per car is a HORRIBLE plan. It will make the regular lanes absolutely ... 11/26/2019 Why does the plan not include better public transit options like public shuttle services ... If the plan to offer a reduced express lane rate for ev’s goes through, it would be a trust breaking moment application/pdf

    Jan 14, 2020  PDF