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  1. Countywide Multimodal Arterial Plan

    MMAP_SummaryScope_20140922_V4.pdf Countywide Multimodal Arterial Plan File Name ... ARTERIAL PLAN Arterial Operations Committee September 23rd, 2014 Meeting Francisco Martin, Fehr & Peers ... September 23, 2014 ALAMEDA COUNTY TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION Countywide Multimodal Arterial Plan Improving application/pdf

    Jun 03, 2015  PDF

  2. Approval of Cap and Trade

    and Project Selection Guideline Development Process Background: Plan Bay Area included a $3.1 billion reserve ... categories of expenditures for these funds that aligns with the focused land use strategy outlined in Plan ... analysis that was included in Plan Bay Area. Based on feedback from Commissioners and stakeholders, staff application/pdf

    Jun 09, 2015  PDF

  3. Bay Area Cap and Trade Funding Framework

    to strategically advance the implementation of Plan Bay Area 3. Investment Categories will be structured to provide application/pdf

    Jun 09, 2015  PDF

  4. Application

    planning and financing agency — on transportation and related policies in the San Francisco Bay Area, ... development, engineering, freight, housing, labor or planning. (Use extra paper as necessary application/pdf

    Jun 10, 2015  PDF

  5. Policy Advisory Council Fact Sheet

    is the Bay Area’s transportation planning and financing agency, and there may be a place for you as part ... on include:  Regional planning efforts linking transportation, housing and land use plans to reduce application/pdf

    Jun 10, 2015  PDF

  6. Seismic Evaluation

    AppendixA–PierE2ShearKeyandBearingDesignPlans 30 9.0 AppendixB–BearingUpperHousingFEM 56 10.0 AppendixC–BearingLowerHousingFEM ... 15MN(20mmGap) 30MN(20mmGap) Thedesignplansaccountfortwoalternativeloadpaths: A) ... gaps,athirdalternativeloadpathtoresist thedesign lateralSEEdemandscanbedeveloped: (referencePlan application/pdf

    Jun 10, 2015  PDF

  7. Seismic Safety and Opening of the New San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

    as originally planned. In the opinion of the SSPRP, the State is taking on a higher risk in delaying the opening application/pdf

    Jun 10, 2015  PDF

  8. SFOBB Seismic Retrofit Project

     the safety of the traveling public is improved by  moving traffic on to the new bridge.    The exact distribution of forces in the bearings and shear keys is highly dependent on the planned ... Details of the bearings, shear keys and cap beam at Pier E2 and the supports of shear keys  and bearings in the orthotropic box girders provided by EOR; and  3. Other  calculations, plan ... the plans. The bearing loads are shown in Table 1.  Normal functioning of the bearing corresponds to the application/pdf

    Jun 10, 2015  PDF

  9. Independent Review of the Seismic Safety Peer Review Panel Proposal

    plan sheets, shop drawings and engineering summaries prepared or supplied by request to the EOR as may application/pdf

    Jun 10, 2015  PDF

  10. Acknowledgments and Table of Contents

    LIKE TO THANK THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS: Rohin Saleh, Watershed Planning Section, Alameda County Flood ... Planning........................................................................................ 7-1 7.1 Introduction ... Planning....................... 7-6 7.3.1 Evaluation of Risk application/pdf

    Jun 11, 2015  PDF

  11. Chapter 4: Climate Science and Climate Impacts

    are also compatible with previous SLR planning efforts in San Francisco Bay led by the San Francisco Bay ... performed to develop the inundation maps is appropriate for a high-level planning effort and is not intended ... as to important habitats and wildlife resources. For this reason, planning for SLR has become a higher priority application/pdf

    Jun 11, 2015  PDF

  12. Chapter 5: Vulnerability and Risk Assessment

    the functionality of the asset selecting from:? Lifeline route? Mass evac uation plan route? Goods movement? Transit application/pdf

    Jun 11, 2015  PDF

  13. Chapter 7: Adaptation Planning

    Chapter_7_Adaptation_Planning.pdf Chapter 7: Adaptation Planning File Name ... Chapter_7_Adaptation_Planning.pdf Adaptation Planning 7.0 This page intentionally left blank. Adapting to Rising Tides: ... Transportation Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Pilot Project 7-1 7 Adaptation Planning 7.1 Introduction Chapter application/pdf

    Jun 11, 2015  PDF

  14. 511 Traffic Fact Sheet

    of travel – from green for free flow to black for stop-and-go traffic. When planning a future trip, users ... their trip, or possibly taking transit. For planning future trips, such as an airport or weekend leisure trip, ... type and time. For example, when making weekend getaway plans, users can enter their trip and select application/pdf

    Jun 11, 2015  PDF

  15. Initial Vision Scenario Memo

    MTC Planning Committee, ABAG Administrative Date: March 4, 2011 Committee Fr: ABAG and MTC Executive ... improvement over our current regional plans with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) per capita ... at your March 11, 2011 joint meeting. regnimeH evetS troppaR arzE J:\COMMITTE\Planning application/pdf

    Jun 11, 2015  PDF

  16. Initial Vision Scenario Presentation

    1 Release of the Initial Vision Scenario MTC Planning Committee ABAG Administrative Committee March 11, 2011 ... income levels  Align transportation investments, housing growth, and land use planning  Adopt in early ... 3,271,300 2035 Current Regional Plans +633,500 +1,717,900 +881,600 +1,129,100 2035 Growth Increment +269,000 application/pdf

    Jun 11, 2015  PDF

  17. Projects Recommended for Grant Funding

    and develop an electric vehicle strategy(ies) to inform upcoming regional planning and funding efforts needed ... DOE, SFMTA, and SF Planning Dept. Integrated Public-Private Partnership TDM Program Facilitate a forum ... Business Improvement District, Elmwood Merchants Association City of Berkeley Transit Action Plan (B-TAP) application/pdf

    Jun 11, 2015  PDF

  18. 2015 Five-Year Maintenance Plan

    2015_Five-Year_Maintenance_Plan.pdf 2015 Five-Year Maintenance Plan File Name ... 2015_Five-Year_Maintenance_Plan.pdf California Department of Transportation May 06, 2015 Caltrans State Departments of Transportation application/pdf

    May 06, 2015  PDF

  19. CCTA Stands Up for Transportation!

    and programs is vital to helping the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) plan, fund, and implement ... success in planning, funding and delivering critical transportation infrastructure projects and programs application/pdf

    Jan 01, 2015  PDF

  20. California High-Speed Rail Big Picture

    HSR_2015_Fact_Sheet_Big_Picture_FINAL.pdf California High-Speed Rail Authority Jan 01, 2015 to Jan 31, 2015 High Speed Rail Planning ... The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) is responsible for plan- ning, designing, building ... the Authority is working with regional partners to implement a statewide rail modernization plan that will application/pdf

    Jan 01, 2015  PDF

  21. Federal Funding Overview

     Part-­‐Time  Planning  Intern  position    If  Eliminated:  1) Bus  Procurements  -­‐  $30  million  to  be ... Route  14  –  Service  cut  or  to  be  covered  by  future  operating  monies  5) Part-­‐Time  Planning application/pdf

    Jan 01, 2015  PDF

  22. San Francisco County Transportation Authority Calls For Renewed Federal-Local Partnership To Rebuild And Expand Transportation Infrastructure

    BART’s plans to buy new trains and upgrade its systems to run more frequently; Muni’s and AC Transit’s ... plans to acquire new buses; and Caltrain’s plans to electrify its commuter service and reinforce bridges ... are planning and building their operations to keep a growing city and region moving. A consistent source application/pdf

    Apr 09, 2015  PDF

  23. Youth For The Environment & Sustainability (YES) Conference

    Planning Committee for volunteering their time and ideas to  help make the conference a success!   Youth for the Environment and Sustainability Conference  ... protected bikeways in Oakland, and we’ll learn how local  efforts relate to the bigger picture and MTC’s work in  planning ... Teen Impact on Safe Routes to School    Staff from the Air District and MTC, as well as Alta Planning application/pdf

    Jan 01, 2015  PDF

  24. Public Hearing Notice Development/Current-Regulatory-Public-Hearings.aspx. Comments on the proposed rule, the supporting application/pdf

    Jan 21, 2014  PDF

  25. BAAQMD Regulation 14, Rule 1: Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program

    to Regional Plans and Climate Protection Resolution 6 C. Commuter Benefits Provisions in the Federal Tax Code ... Control Measures in the Bay Area 2010 Clean Air Plan, and help the Bay Area to achieve GHG reduction goals ... in the regional “sustainable communities strategy” known as Plan Bay Area (adopted in July 2013) and the climate application/pdf

    Jan 01, 2014  PDF