Housing Protection, Preservation & Production

Solving the Bay Area’s housing crisis will involve collaboration across the region. MTC and partners are using the “3Ps” framework as a strategy to protect, preserve and produce enough housing for all residents.

MidPen Housing

The Bay Area suffers from a chronic shortage of affordable housing. The region needs more places to live, as well as improved housing security for people who do have homes.

There is no single solution to the Bay Area’s crisis. Recognizing the complexity of the problem, MTC, the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and the Bay Area Housing Finance Authority (BAHFA) have developed a three-pronged approach called the “3Ps.” Together, they are:

  • Protection for current residents to avoid displacement
  • Preservation of existing housing affordable for lower- and middle-income residents
  • Production of new housing at all income levels, especially affordable housing

The goal of this framework is to make sure housing is available for all Bay Area residents, no matter their income.

Funding Change

Billions of dollars will be required to achieve the goals of the 3Ps framework.

As the only agency of its kind in California, BAHFA is uniquely positioned to raise money from a variety of sources. These include a regional ballot measure, state and federal appropriations, as well as philanthropic and corporate contributions.

Expanded Regional Housing Portfolio

BAHFA is just one component of MTC’s expanded regional housing portfolio. MTC is working closely with ABAG on solutions to create more homes for more people.

Visit the ABAG website to read more about its housing work.