MTC is responsible for the planning, management and coordination of Bay Area freeways.

Karl Nielsen

Environmental concerns, and lack of funding and space for new freeways are just a few of the factors that make innovation at MTC necessary to keep the region’s freeways running smoothly and safely.

I-880 Corridor Management

MTC’s Interstate 880 Corridor Management project minimizes the impacts of traffic on local streets between the I-880/I-980 interchange and the I-880/Davis Street interchange when an incident occurs on the freeway.

Traffic congestion on Interstate 880
Incident Management

MTC works with several different agencies to quickly and safely clear accidents, stalls, debris, spills and other incidents from Bay Area roads.

Tow Truck driver and truck with vehicle in tow
Managed Lanes Implementation Plan

Managed lanes are carpool and Express Lanes. Policies and needs are addressed on an ongoing basis.

880 Freeway with HOV lane
Adaptive Ramp Metering

Ramp metering traffic signals on freeway on-ramps reduce freeway congestion. They are a lot less expensive than widening a freeway, and can be installed quickly.

Ramp metering light at Interstate 580 on-ramp in Pleasanton
Transportation Management Center

The TMC keeps the Bay Area moving by monitoring traffic in real time.

Traffic Management Center Screens