Hub Signage Program

Consistent signage at transportation hubs — centers where multiple transit lines come together — make it easier to get the information you need to catch your next ride.

Photo by Helen Belitto

MTC works with transit operators to develop consistent wayfinding signage, regardless of which type of transit you need. At busy transit hubs, these signs, information displays and real-time departure displays make transit trips easier for Bay Area residents and visitors.

How to Find Signage

At transit hubs throughout the Bay Area, look for the big orange circle with the “i” for information on street maps, schedules and other transfer info, including real-time information.

What is a Transit Hub?

Hubs are travel connection points with convenient access to multiple modes of public transit, bike share, car share and other options.

Historic "Flap" Sign

The retro “flap sign” in San Francisco’s historic Ferry Building is the only sign of its kind on the West Coast. Once a feature in many train stations on the East Coast and in Europe, the flap sign is increasingly rare and symbolic of a bygone era.


Check out the live webcam.
The retro “flap sign” at the San Francisco Ferry Building

MTC has partnered with BART, Caltrain, Muni, VTA and other transit agencies to install signs that provide directions at the entrances and exits of transit hubs.

Responsibility for the operation, maintenance and replacement of signs is split between MTC and its partner transit agencies.

MTC is building out the design bench for the rollout of future Hub Signage implementation. Please contact us for details.