Salesforce Transbay Transit Center

Conceived as the “Grand Central Terminal of the west,” the Salesforce Transbay Transit Center is the primary bus terminal and potential future central rail terminal for the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Built to replace the original 1939 Transbay Terminal damaged in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, San Francisco’s new Transbay Transit Center brings public art, shops and amenities to the region’s central bus terminal.

The new city landmark features a 5.4-acre rooftop public park, public art installations and a free aerial tram linking to Mission Street below.

MTC provided more than $300 million for the $4.5 billion Transbay Transit Center project.

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Salesforce Transbay Transit Center

A City Landmark

Located one block south of Market Street, the beautiful new terminal features:

  • A third-floor bus deck
  • Ground floor and concourse level Grand Hall with information center, ticket kiosks, automated ticketing and retail space (in progress)
  • Two below-grade levels for future connecting service with Caltrain and the California High-Speed Rail system
  • A 5.4-acre rooftop park including an open air amphitheater, gardens, trails, open grass areas, children’s play space, restaurant and café

Phase 2 of the one-million-square-foot project will include construction of the Downtown Rail Extension (now known as The Portal) to be used by Caltrain and High-Speed Rail trains. The Phase 2 construction schedule will depend on availability of full funding for the project.

What is a Transit Hub?

Transit centers, or hubs, are travel connection points with convenient access to multiple modes of public transit, bike share, car share and other options.

Transit Lines & Route Maps

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Salesforce Park

Sometimes the best surprises are right at the top. And that includes a public urban park in the sky.

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Joint Powers Authority

Development of the Transbay Transit Center is overseen by the six-member Transbay Joint Powers Authority, which includes representatives from:

  • San Francisco Mayor’s Office
  • San Francisco Board of Supervisors
  • Muni
  • AC Transit
  • Caltrain
  • California Department of Transportation
MTC Funding

MTC provided more than $300 million for the $4.5 billion Transbay Transit Center project.

Other funding partners include:

  • San Francisco County Transportation Authority
  • San Mateo County Transportation Authority
  • California Department of Transportation
  • Federal Railroad Administration
  • Federal Highway Administration
Fixing Some Flaws

The Salesforce Transit Center officially opened with a weekend of festivities in August 2018, but closed temporarily in October of 2018 when flaws were discovered in two key beams supporting the bus deck and the rooftop garden.

It subsequently closed for nine months to allow theTransbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPA) — the public entity overseeing the design, construction and operation of the Salesforce Transit Center — to inspect and repair damaged girders. MTC's expert Peer Review Panel played a lead role in reviewing analyses conducted by the TJPA on the causes of and proposed repairs to the cracked beams that closed the facility.

The Salesforce Transit Center reopened for full operations in July of 2019.