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Transit for the 21st Century

Trains, buses and ferries are essential to our transportation network — and will become even more so due to the Bay Area’s aging population and the growth of our largest cities.

new BART car

Transit not only delivers mobility for people without cars, it provides an alternative to driving for hundreds of thousands of residents who do own cars.

MTC’s priorities for our next generation of transit investment include:

  • Improving the region’s core transit systems
  • New bus rapid transit lines
  • Rail extensions that support future housing and employment growth
  • Integrating high-speed rail along the Peninsula corridor


To help maintain and operate the Bay Area’s existing transit services — and develop a transit network for the next generation — we collaborate with:

  • Our region’s 20+ transit agencies
  • County congestion management agencies - CMAs
  • City and county governments
  • Major business groups, advocacy groups and many others

Get current data on Bay Area’s buses, trains, ferries, light-rail, cable cars and streetcars. Visit our interactive website, Vital Signs.

Our transit network is more fully developed than those in many other major metro areas.  

We invest more in the maintenance, operation and modernization of existing services than on construction of new transit projects.

The Bay Area is expected to spend $173 billion over the next 25 years to maintain existing transit systems and just $21 billion on transit expansion.