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Major Transit Projects

As the Bay Area continues to grow, so too must our transit network.

From planning to financing to politicking, MTC plays a crucial role in advancing major transit projects.

Our work includes:

  • Distributing funds to Bay Area transit agencies and other local partners to complete our Regional Transit Expansion Program
  • Organizing and leading the Bay Area teams that compete with other metro areas for vital project funding in Washington, D.C. and Sacramento
  • Developing and updating the Bay Area’s regional transportation plan. This 25-year investment strategy is refreshed every four years to reflect changing conditions, new priorities and new financial projections.

Major transit projects include:

  • BART Extensions
  • Caltrain Modernization Program
  • San Francisco Muni Central Subway
  • High Speed Rail
  • San Francisco Transbay Transit Center

Visit our section “Major Regional Projects” to get the details on each one of these projects.

Major transit expansion projects such as BART extensions usually require several sources of funding.

Voter-approved sales taxes often comprise the biggest slice of the pie.

But other pieces may come from federal and/or state grants or from regional sources such as bridge tolls.

“New Starts” grants from the Federal Transit Administration (see FTA Section 5309 Capital Investment Grant program in this section) are a particularly coveted source of financing for major transit projects.

But Bay Area transit agencies must compete with peers from coast to coast.

Current projects receiving New Starts dollars include Muni’s Central Subway project in San Francisco and the BART Silicon Valley extension spearheaded by VTA.

Bus rapid transit — or BRT for short — is something akin to BART on wheels.

Crucial funding for AC Transit’s Oakland-to-San Leandro and San Francisco Muni’s Van Ness Avenue BRT projects are moving forward with FTA Small Starts grants.