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StreetSaver® is MTC’s award-winning software that helps our cities and counties make maintenance decisions to prevent pavement problems.

Our software is also used by Seattle, Portland, Stanford University, the U.S. Forest Service and many other cities to help manage local streets and roads.

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StreetSaver helps teams to:

  • Plan and manage roadway improvement projects
  • Allocate limited pavement budgets to deliver the most good
  • Document budget needs and shortfalls
  • Predict the future condition of pavement at different levels of funding
  • Demonstrate the impacts of underfunded road programs

Visit the StreetSaver website to sign up, and get the details.

A new companion to StreetSaver is MobileRater for Android, an app for collecting pavement data on the go.

Designed to let pavement inspectors record their data quickly and accurately, this app records multiple distresses at the same time and can calculate pavement condition index scores on the spot. 

As part of our commitment to providing support for StreetSaver software, MTC holds a User Week event twice a year.

User Week is a forum for StreetSaver clients to learn the latest pavement management news, get updates on software issues and enhancements, and attend StreetSaver training workshops and seminars.

MTC also routinely conducts two-day StreetSaver seminars in Southern California.

MTC periodically hosts technology transfer seminars to give city and county pavement managers the latest information on tools for pavement maintenance, rehab and reconstruction.

Topics from past seminars include:

  • Rubberized asphalt
  • Pavement reinforcement products
  • Flexible pavement design
  • Common maintenance and rehab practices