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Emergency Management

MTC partners with transportation agencies to lead the region in preparing for, responding to, mitigating the impacts of and recovering from disasters that affect the transportation system.

Emergency Readiness
Karl Nielsen

For over 25 years, MTC has spearheaded regional transportation emergency-preparedness activities in the Bay Area.  Working with transportation agencies across the region we:

  • Develop and manage regional transportation emergency plans
  • Facilitate annual exercises involving transportation partners and emergency management agencies
  • Coordinate basic transportation services following a major disruption to the transportation system

Read more about our planning and coordination efforts in our Regional Transportation Emergency Management Plan.

MTC responds to emergencies by coordinating with transit operators, the California Department of Transportation, California Highway Patrol, the California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and county emergency management agencies.

For emergency coordination inquiries contact:

Stephen Terrin
Project Manager
Phone: (415) 778-6605
Email: sterrin@bayareametro.gov