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Managed Lanes Implementation Plan

As the Freeway Performance Initiative shifts into high gear, MTC is planning ahead.

Our Managed Lanes Implementation Plan helps ensure that various elements merge smoothly.

880 Freeway with HOV lane

Credit Noah Berger

What are Managed Lanes?

For Bay Area drivers, these are traditional carpool lanes and express lanes.

For traffic engineers, “managed lanes” refer to any lanes on a freeway set aside from general-purpose lanes (by occupancy requirements, pricing or access limitations).

What the Plan Will Do

  • Guide the integration of new Bay Area Express Lanes into our carpool lane network
  • Define priorities for full build-out of the carpool lane network
  • Develop policies for new Express Lanes, including occupancy requirements, operating hours and enforcement/violation procedures

MTC’s Bay Area Infrastructure Financing Authority is collaborating with both the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the California Highway Patrol to develop this plan.

The plan will be included as part of Caltrans’ statewide Managed Lanes Master Plan, which is scheduled for completion in mid-2016.

Data collection for the Managed Lanes Implementation Plan already is underway. Areas of focus include:

  • Vehicle occupancy
  • Carpool lane violations
  • Private shuttle buses
  • Clean Air Vehicle decals

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