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Traffic Management Center

The Bay Area’s Traffic Management Center, or TMC, is the nerve center of our regional freeway network.

Traffic Management Center Screens

Housed at Caltrans' District 4 headquarters in Oakland, the TMC's team of engineers and technicians monitor highway conditions around the clock on massive video panels.

The team compiles information and coordinates construction activity, roadway advisories and incident management in real time to minimize your delays while on the road.

The “video wall” was recently upgraded with the help of MTC funding through the commission’s Freeway Performance Initiative.

Where Do They Get the Data?

The TMC gathers information from many sources, including:

  • Electronic sensors in the pavement
  • Ramp meter sensors
  • Freeway call boxes
  • Video cameras
  • Earthquake monitors
  • 911 calls
  • CHP officers on patrol
  • Caltrans highway crews
  • Commercial traffic reporters

Caltrans District 4 operates the region’s Traffic Management Center in partnership with the California Highway Patrol.

The video wall at the TMC consists of nearly three dozen 50-inch LED panels, each streaming real-time video of key Bay Area interchanges and freeway segments.