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Dumbarton Forward

Toll plaza with Dumbarton Forward logo

The Dumbarton Forward project implements a suite of strategies to improve efficiency for public transit. These improvements include:

  • A new part-time dedicated transit lane
  • Transit signal prioritization and adaptive signal timing for faster rides
  • Newly relocated bus stops at the Ardenwood interchange, closer to the SR 84 on-ramps

Proposed Plan

  • Operating hours: 5:00am - 8:00pm
  • Use of shoulder as a dedicated transit travel lane
  • Travel speed: 35 mph maximum speed

For more information, contact Chris Lillie at clillie@bayareametro.gov.

Dumbarton Forward proposed project map

This map represents the area around the Dumbarton Bridge that will be improved through the Dumbarton Forward program.

Estimated Project Costs

Project Initiation Documentation (PID) $0.7 million
Program Analysis & Evaluation Directorate (PA&ED) $1.6 million
Plans, Specs & Estimate (PS&E) $1.6 million
Construction Management $2.5 million
Construction $19 million
TOTAL $25.4 million

Project Schedule

Project Initiation Documentation (PID) - Completed September 2019
Program Analysis & Evaluation Directorate (PA&ED) December 2020
Plans, Specs & Estimate (PS&E) April 2021
Advertise & Award September 2021
Construction December 2022