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CASA – the Committee to House the Bay Area – convened a diverse, multi-sector set of partners in the Bay Area to identify and act upon game-changing regional solutions to the Bay Area’s chronic housing affordability challenges. 

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CASA included leaders from across the Bay Area who in late 2018 developed consensus around a 10-point set of recommendations known as the CASA Compact designed to (1) increase housing production at all levels of affordability, (2) preserve existing affordable housing, and (3) protect vulnerable populations from housing instability and displacement.

Development of the CASA Compact was led by three Co-Chairs (Fred Blackwell, Leslye Corsiglia and Michael Covarrubias), and Steve Heminger, then-Executive Director of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Structured around a Steering Committee and Technical Committee composed of elected officials, thought leaders and policy experts from across the region, the CASA effort was supported and staffed by MTC and a team of consultants. Learn more about CASA's members and leadership. 


CASA was convened by MTC following the release of the draft Plan Bay Area 2040, the region’s long-range transportation and land use plan, which projects the region will see 2.4 million more people, 820,000 new households and 1.3 million new jobs by the year 2040. The plan makes aggressive assumptions about policy interventions and strategies to help accommodate this growth, but falls short on a number of key performance measures including affordable housing, access to jobs, displacement risk, and housing and transportation affordability. (That said, the plan's performance along these key measures was significantly better than a potential future with "No Project"; that is, a future without  Plan Bay Area 2040's recommended land use and transportation strategies.)

It was the stark challenge of looking at this performance data and understanding the risks posed to the region’s low- and moderate-income households, transportation network, economy and environment, that drove the push for game-changing housing solutions.