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CASA Co-Chairs Proposed "Action Ideas"

CASA Co-Chairs Proposed "Action Ideas" - presented to Technical Committee, September 27, 2017

At the September 27, 2017, CASA Technical Committee meeting, the CASA Co-Chairs presented their initial "Action Ideas" to committee members. These ideas will be scored by the committee members to assist the Co-Chairs in determining which ideas the CASA work groups should move forward and develop further as CASA proceeds. 

Literature Review

Housing-focused Publications in the San Francisco Bay Area

This literature review was prepared by Estolano LeSar Perez (ELP) Advisors on behalf of MTC and CASA: the Committee to House the Bay Area. The goals of the literature review were to:

•    Establish a baseline of information about regional housing trends and the impacts and concerns identified by diverse constituencies;
•    Accelerate the CASA discussion by building on policy work done by stakeholders to date;
•    Create a reservoir of good ideas to draw upon throughout the CASA process; and
•    Distill thousands of pages of documents of relevant material into a concise and consistent format.

This review was particularly interested in identifying policy recommendations that have already been researched and vetted by stakeholders and enjoy broad cross-sector support. The review distilled dozens of recent housing and displacement-focused documents from across the Bay Area into a consistent one-page format that emphasizes three components: a general overview, key findings, and policy recommendations. It also includes an index of other organizations and online resources that may be useful in identifying a set of strategies that will address the Bay Area’s housing crisis.

Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy for the San Francisco Bay Area, 2017-2040

Plan Bay Area 2040

The region's current long-range transportation plan and sustainable communities strategy -- adopted by the MTC Commission and ABAG Executive Board on July 26, 2017 -- provides a detailed overview of the region's housing crisis in its first chapter (The Bay Area Today) as well as an "action plan" for addressing the housing crisis in its final chapter (Action Plan). One of the major outcomes from this planning process was the convening of CASA.