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Experience Electric

Try it! You’ll love it!

That’s the concept behind Experience Electric, our campaign to spur electric vehicle — or EV —adoption.

Experience Electric event, San Jose, October 2014
Noah Berger
Experience Electric event, San Jose, October 2014.

MTC wants to provide you with a chance to test a variety of pure electric and plug-in hybrid EVs in a hassle-free environment…with no sales pressure.

By accelerating EV use we’ll reduce tailpipe emissions, improve air quality, and reach local and state targets for curbing greenhouse gas pollution.

Pioneering Promotion – Test Drive a Car!

More than 4,200 people got to Experience Electric in 2014 at 21 public test drive events in eight counties.

MTC funded the public test drives through our Climate Initiatives Program.

Additional funding from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District will allow for six more events in 2015-16.

Stay tuned for future promotion announcements on this page.  

Experience Electric is coming to a location near you!

  • March 19 & 20  at the Sonoma County Home & Garden Show, Sonoma County Fairgrounds
  • April 2 & 3 at the Contra Costa Spring Home & Garden Show, Concord Pavilion
  • April 16 & 17 at the Fairfield Total Home & Garden Show, 300 Chadbourne Rd

For more information, visit our events page.

MTC, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and a consortium of electric vehicle organizations launched the Experience Electric campaign. Other partners include:

  • Bay Area EV Strategic Council
  • California Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Plug In America
  • Charge Across Town
  • Bay Area Climate Collaborative
  • EV Communities Alliance

EVs are more than 75 percent cleaner than the average gasoline-powered vehicle — even after counting emissions from power plants.

For drivers who have solar-generated power at home or other “green” power options, driving an EV can be nearly carbon-free.

Data suggest that if just 500 people convert to EVs, Bay Area emissions would drop by more than 3,300 tons annually.


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