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Equity + Accessibility

MTC is committed to ensuring mobility options for all Bay Area residents.

Paratransit user

The Commission works with local, state and federal partners to plan, fund and implement transportation projects and services designed to improve mobility for:

  • Communities with high numbers of minority and/or low-income residents
  • People with disabilities
  • Seniors
  • Residents with limited English proficiency

Federal law requires transportation agencies like MTC to distribute fairly the services and benefits of the regional transportation network.

MTC's Community-Based Transportation Planning program brings local residents, community organizations and transportation agencies together to identify low-income neighborhoods' most important transportation challenges and develop strategies to overcome them. Learn more.

MTC’s Lifeline Transportation Program is part of our commitment to ensuring mobility options for all Bay Area residents. We tap both state and federal funds to provide Lifeline grants for projects that meet mobility and accessibility needs in low-income communities across the region. Lifeline projects must address transportation gaps or barriers identified in community-based transportation plans or other local planning efforts in low-income neighborhoods. Learn more

MTC in 2019 updated its Plan for Providing Special Language Services to Limited-English-Proficient Populations. Read the 2019 Plan for Special Language Services to Limited English Proficient (LEP) Populations.

Plans + Projects