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Focused Growth + Livable Communities

Focused growth encourages new housing and job sites in existing communities – those with access to multiple transportation options including biking and walking.

Runner in front of Mission Bay TOD
David Paul Morris
San Francisco's Mission Bay neighborhood.

Plan Bay Area 2040 identifies focused growth (or smart growth) as a way to help our region meet the Plan’s various performance targets and reduce greenhouse gases at the same time, as required by state law.

MTC’s planning efforts encompass four large objectives:

  • Create a network of complete communities 
  • Increase the accessibility, affordability and diversity of housing 
  • Create jobs to maintain and expand a prosperous and equitable economy 
  • Protect our region’s unique natural environment 

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The growth of the business sector is expected to result in more jobs in the downtown areas of San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland.

To accommodate this growth these areas should:

  • Maintain adequate infrastructure
  • Be accessible to affordable housing
  • Retain multiple transit options

A diverse mix of businesses has relocated to the Bay Area’s established industrial sections in recent years.

We still see concrete plants and other familiar facilities, but industrial lands are also occupied by food processing, high-tech product development, car repair, graphic design and recycling businesses, among many others.

It’s in our best interest to ensure new businesses have access to industrial lands, so that the jobs they create remain in the Bay Area.

The original Plan Bay Area, adopted by MTC in 2013, accurately forecasted a slowdown in the development of suburban office parks.

Already, many existing office parks are changing to use less space per worker, provide direct transit access or private shuttle services, and even offer housing and other amenities.

Increasing transit access to office parks can be expected to reduce — but not erase — the traffic congestion associated with employment growth.

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