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BART to Warm Springs

BART’s long-awaited Warm Springs Extension project opened for passenger service in March 2017.


rendering of the BART Warm Springs/South Fremont Station entry rotunda
Artist's rendering of the BART Warm Springs/South Fremont Station entry rotunda.

BART on March 25, 2017 began passenger service on the 5.4-mile extension from the Fremont station to the new Warm Springs/South Fremont station in the city’s Warm Springs district.

Parking for Cars and Bikes

The Warm Springs station includes parking for 2,000 vehicles, as well as bike parking – and is designed to accommodate future growth.

Funding through the MTC-administered Regional Measure 1 and Regional Measure 2 toll programs covered more than one-third of the $890 million project.

With a project budget of approximately $890 million, the Warm Springs Extension is being funded through numerous sources, namely:

  • $220.4 million — Alameda County Measure B sales tax
  • $176 million — MTC Regional Measure 2 bridge toll program
  • $118 million — MTC Regional Measure 1 bridge toll program
  • $100.4 million — State Traffic Congestion Relief Program
  • $86 million — Proposition 1B State & Local Partnership Program
  • $69 million — State Transportation Improvement Program
  • $54 million — BART-SFO Extension Surplus Revenue
  • $40 million — Proposition 1B bonds
  • $24 million — BART Agency Contribution
  • $2.2 million — Alameda County Congestion Management Agency

The Warm Springs Extension project includes an option to add an infill station in the Irvington district of Fremont at a later date.

An Irvington station would be located about midway between the Fremont and Warm Springs stations.

Construction of an Irvington station depends on future funding from the city of Fremont.

Construction of the Warm Springs Extension project included a $137 million contract to build a mile-long subway beneath Fremont Central Park and Lake Elizabeth.

The project also included an embankment for the BART trackway, two ventilation structures and the relocation of recreational facilities within Fremont Central Park.