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East Contra Costa BART Extension (eBART)

Opened for passenger service in May 2018, eBART extends the BART system 10 miles from a transfer platform just east of the Pittsburg/Bay Point station to new stations in Pittsburg and Antioch. 

eBART Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU)
Karl Nielsen
eBART Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU)

New Railcars and New Stations

The eBART line uses independently propelled railcars known as Diesel Multiple Units, or DMUs, that operate on standard gauge rail in the median of State Route 4.

Bridge toll funds accounted for some $270 million in funding for the $520 million eBART project, which was built in tandem with the Highway 4 widening project from Pittsburg to Antioch.

The two new stations at Railroad Avenue in Pittsburg and Hillcrest Avenue in Antioch feature ticket-vending machines and fare gates like those in the rest of the BART system.

Partners in the eBART and Highway 4 widening projects include:

  • MTC
  • BART
  • Caltrans
  • Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Four of the five Bay Area cities whose residents have the longest average commute times are in eastern Contra Costa County:

  1. Antioch: 45.2 minutes
  2. Brentwood: 42.6 minutes
  3. Pittsburg: 41.2 minutes
  4. Oakley: 40.7 minutes (tied with Hercules)

MTC provided $96 million in Regional Measure 2 and $52 million in Regional Measure 1 toll funds.

We also distributed another $3 million for the eBART project from the State Transit Assistance program.