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Bay Bridge East Span

The 2013 opening of the new East Span on the Bay Bridge added another jewel to the collection of architectural and engineering gems that adorn San Francisco Bay.

Self-Anchored Suspension span of new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge East Span
Noah Berger


The San Francisco County Transportation Authority is tackling a suite of projects to improve connections between the Bay Bridge and Yerba Buena Island:

  • On the east side of the island, new westbound on- and off-ramps are now open for traffic
  • On the west side of the island, retrofitting bridges that are part of the local roadway system for Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island

Read more about these projects at the San Francisco County Transportation Authority website.


Watch the complete construction of the East Span in 4 minutes!

The Toll Bridge Program Oversight Committee that supervises the East Span projects and the rest of the state Toll Bridge Seismic Retrofit Program is made up of the top executives of the Bay Area Toll Authority, Caltrans and the California Transportation Commission.


Dismantling the original 1936 East Span is a three-phase project:

  • Phase 1 covered the cantilever section and temporary structures near Yerba Buena Island, and was completed in June 2015
  • Phase 2 involves removal of the 504- and 288-foot truss sections stretching east to Oakland
  • Phase 3 will remove the marine foundations

Monitor the demolition activity!