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Congestion Management Process

MTC seeks to address regional congestion challenges holistically by supporting projects that improve freeway efficiency, offer alternatives to driving alone, and promote development in walkable, transit-friendly communities.

Traffic congestion

Vital Signs, MTC and ABAG’s data-driven website, tracks regional progress on several indicators related to congestion, including average time spent in congestion on freeway corridors and commute mode choice.

Additionally, as part of the federal government’s Transportation Performance Management program, MTC sets targets for and tracks several performance measures related to congestion, including the share of single-occupancy vehicle trips and reliability of passenger and freight movement.

Plan Bay Area 2040, the region’s current long-range transportation plan, forecasted future congestion conditions and included goals and targets related to reducing congestion on the Bay Area’s roads and transit systems. MTC is updating and expanding this analysis through Horizon in preparation for the next long-range plan, Plan Bay Area 2050.

MTC is involved in a number of site-specific planning projects on key corridors throughout the Bay Area. Through Regional Measure 3, MTC will collect revenue that will be spent on projects set to relieve congestion in key corridors, including improvements to the Dumbarton Bridge corridor, the expansion of AC Transit Transbay bus service, and additional miles of express lanes. MTC partners with county transportation authorities and transit providers to compete for Solutions for Congested Corridors funding created through Senate Bill 1. In the first round of funding, four Bay Area corridors received funding, including:

More information on corridor studies and plans is available on the Caltrans District 4 website, including:

  1. Transportation Concept Reports
  2. Corridor System Management Plans
  3. Comprehensive Corridor Plans
  4. Corridor Plans
  5. Transportation Corridor Concept Reports

As a regional planning agency, MTC’s work focuses on alleviating congestion that affects the freeway network, while county and local partners focus more on reducing congestion on arterials and local roads. More information on congestion conditions and plans for addressing congestion at the county level are available on each County Transportation Authority’s website.