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Active and Shared Transportation

Reducing the share of single-occupancy vehicle trips is one of the key strategies to relieving Bay Area congestion. By funding and coordinating active and shared transportation services — such as walking, bicycling, riding scooters, taking transit and ridesharing — MTC aims to help more people to leave their cars at home.

Multimodal transportation

Every year, MTC invests hundreds of millions of dollars in transit planning and expansion, making it possible for many Bay Area residents to get around without a car. MTC is involved in transit planning and investment at every stage, from initial planning work to funding transit improvements and expansion. Projects include:

MTC promotes active and shared transportation options, including walking, cycling, scootering and ridesharing. MTC’s Climate Initiatives Program provides grant money for pilot programs and contributes funding for operating costs for active and shared transportation services. Some of these projects include:

In an effort to address Bay Area traffic congestion, MTC’s work extends to cover “Transportation Demand Management,” or the effort to reduce demand for vehicle travel by improving the reliability, flexibility, convenience and cost of other transportation options. TDM strategies offer a range of different approaches to make the most efficient use of transportation systems. Through the Horizon effort, MTC has produced reports on the future implications of autonomous vehicles and strategies for promoting shared mobility.